The short answer here is, "Probably more often than you think." A bike chains job is to transfer every watt of power from your cranks to your back wheel, and that's a big undertaking. With performance bikes becoming lighter, and cassettes offering more gears in the same amount of spacing (i.e thinner chains), it's not uncommon for heavier riders to wear through a chain in as little as 1,000 miles. That's just a few months for someone who rides every weekend.

Rider weight, terrain, even wheel size and chainstay length can all affect the life expectancy of your chain so it's hard for us to set an exact mileage number for replacement.

Although there is no cut and dry length of time a road bike chain will last, there are several tools to measure chain wear, and some easy ways to extend your chains life. The best way is to maintain a clean and lubricated drivetrain. This means cleaning the grime off of your chain, and lubricating it every three or four rides. We love Rock & Roll Road chainlube, and a small bottle will easily last six months.


Trainer workouts are to fun as:

a. Cavendish is to climbing

b. Cipollini is to restrained

c. Sagan is to slow

In the past we would of accepted any of these answers as correct. It was a general consensus that the trainer would make you strong, but you would sacrifice a bit of your cycling soul with each hour spent on one. That's what so appealing about the Wahoo Fitness KICKR, the thought that you can gain strength over the winter months and actually have fun doing it.

There are several key factors that separate the KICKR from other trainers on the market, and I believe that these fall into two major groups. The first is the hardware and physical design of the trainer. The second is the software the trainer supports.


The Public C7 is our most popular step through city bike. It's aesthetically pleasing, outfitted with thoughtful details, and comes with a wide range of gearing to help you conquer your commute.

To celebrate spring, Public has released the popular C7 in a new Mint colorway. We dig this paint!

Check out the short video below to gain more insight into one of our favorite bike brands or swing by the shop to see and test ride all of the Public styles that we carry.


Twin Six is a brand that we've always admired. For years, this Minnesota based company has been on the cutting edge of cycling style, and we're happy to now sell their products in our shop.


We talk about the Boone a lot. It's just the perfect all around bike, and an absolute animal on the rough stuff. Our cycling heroes (Katie Compton and Sven Nys) ride this bike, and the technology has moved beyond "innovative" to the realm of "proven."

With Trek's new Boone 9, they have added a front thru axle for a stiffer front end and more confident handling, replaced the Ultegra Di2 with mechanical Ultegra, and dropped the price an astonishing $1,500. Our Brand Manager just picked up the Boone 9 pictured below, and after riding the Castell Grind this past weekend, he can't stop talking about it.

Come in to ride one of these and learn more about the technology and versatility inherent to a world class cyclocross bike.


Oakley glasses are ubiquitous in the peloton. Seen at essentially every cycling event in the world. This is a company that has innovated and improved upon its product, to become the recognized leader of sports eyewear. Not just in the field of cycling, but across all categories.

With the introduction of the Prizm lens, Oakley has taken their technology a step further. These cycling specific Prizm lenses produce a higher contrast image, allowing a rider to see imperfections in the road that would normally not appear.


Our streak of awesome bikes and amazing Austin frame builders continues!

This latest project was a very small custom Tomii Cycles cross bike. The frame turned out beautifully, and we absolutely love the JL custom paint. Add to this a very nice parts spec and meticulous build by our service staff, and you've got a lust worthy item, built from the ground up for one specific rider.

We've no doubt that this will bring it's owner joy for years to come.


Over the last few years, Austin has become home to some incredible frame builders. We're always excited to get the opportunity to build one of these bikes, and our latest pro-build has to be one of our favorites. An Icarus Frames lugged steel road bike, with a beautiful steel fork and Campy components. This is a local company doing some amazing work.

Our service department is clinical in the way that they treat these builds. The logos on the bar end plugs at the same angle. The stem cap and headset decals aligned. Everything put together with an attention to detail that is hard to find these days.

Enjoy the gallery, and make sure to come see us when you're ready to build up your dream bike.


Andre Chelliah is one of our shop superstars. Not only is he one of our best custom bike salespeople, Andre is passionate about all things cycling. He's always willing to lend a hand and able to instantly put our customers at ease.

We recently sat down with Andre to learn more about his work history, retail philosophy, and all things style related.

1. How did you end up at Mellow Johnny's? Can you give us a summary of your work history?

Mellow Johnny’s has been a dream job of mine since I moved to Austin to attend school at The University of Texas. Previous to Mellow Johnny’s, I worked at Freewheeling bicycles. Freewheeling was the oldest bike shop in Austin before they closed in 2013. I owe a lot of my understanding of the rich bike culture in Austin to the owner, Angie Prescott.

2. Everyone one of our staff seem to have their own retail philosophy. Care to explain how you approach a bike sale?

For myself and a lot of my coworkers, bikes represent more than just a way to get from point A to point B. Bikes represent the unique, timeless experience...




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