We’ve recently received 2 new women’s jerseys from Twin Six, The Switchback and the Martyr. They’re just so nice.

The designs are flattering and feminine, with a styling that showcases Twin Six, and their mastery of graphic design. Like most Twin Six jerseys, these are priced at eighty dollars, made in the US of A, and feature all the technical touches you look for in a quality piece of cycling gear. Come by to try these on next time you’re in the shop. Twin Six is just a small part of our line of our large selection of women’s clothing.


Trek’s WSD (Women Specific Design) line of bikes comprises a broad expanse of the companies offerings. These are proven products, extensively researched and ridden by some of the fastest cyclists in the world. While bikes like the Silque stand at the pinnacle, Trek also offers quite a few lower priced options that represent the WSD line admirably. Here are three of our favorites and their key features. All of these bikes are in stock, and ready to test ride.


Our sock game is pretty strong these days. Our own branded socks came first, then Ten Speed Hero and Twin Six. Now we’ve made our way all the way up to the rarefied air of The Athletic. We’re not quite sure how we reached such dizzying heights, but we do know that our staff and customers love these socks.

We’ve heard a few stories about the birth of the brand. Some are obvious exaggerations. Others perhaps hint at the truth. Airport carpets and pick-up basketball games seem to feature heavily in their history. One thing that we’re certain of, is that socks are one of the most inexpensive ways you can add a bit of personality to your clothing. We know that The Athletic socks look awesome, and we know that we are the only dealer in town.

Come by before any of our weekend rides to see our selection. Or stop by the next time you’re downtown. Grab at macchiato at the café, look at some dream bikes and check out all of our...


Tear things down and inspect every part. Spend your time improving upon each feature. Forget about neon, or over-branding… The brand is quality.

Kitsbow proclaims themselves to be obsessive about their products and craftsmanship, and we tend to agree. The clothing is made with a fanaticism that beggars belief. Subdued styling. Impressive textiles. Obscene attention to detail.


The Remedy series of Trek mountain bikes is an award winning platform. Revered by cyclists who aren’t scared of a bit of rock, or a little ledge. With 140mm of front and rear suspension, newly engineered by Penske, The Remedy has the ability to absorb whatever the trail can throw at you.

This bike really is a technological marvel. The thought and science that goes into the Remedy is just mind boggling. We deal with bikes every day, and often have difficulty keeping up with the endless innovations. For example, the Remedy is outfitted with DRCV + RE:aktiv suspension, Evo Link, ABP and Simplified Wheel Size. All brilliant bit of tech that sometimes get lost amongst each other.

This article will help to break down these marketing terms, and explain just how this marketing jargon translates to the trail.


The Emonda line of bikes has already made waves. Introduced last year by Trek, their top of the line SLR 10 is an astonishing 10.25 pound production bike. It's carbon everything, with every component spec'd for the absolute lightest weight. But let's be honest, not all of us need a 15k bike that weighs less than our cat.

What the SLR 10 really showcased, was the prowess of Trek engineers and the complexity of their manufacturing process. With the introduction of the brand new Emonda ALR line, Trek is now able to offer the Emonda to a much wider audience. They've taken a race proven geometry and given the consumer many more options.


Your going to do it. The bike works. You've got a new helmet, a bag to carry your gear and a safe route to work.

Well let us be the first to offer our congratulations! We firmly believe that commuting by bike can be life changing, and we've designed our business to support and encourage the urban cyclist.

Here is a list of the top 5 ways that Mellow Johnny's can make your downtown Austin commute that much better.


Skratch nutrition products took the world by storm a few years back. Created by a PHD nutritionist who worked with the pro cycling peloton, Skratch is the inevitable conclusion of years of research and real world testing.

While things seem simple on the surface, nutrition for athletes is a highly complex science. Not only does your food need to be palatable, it also needs to provide balanced energy, be absorbed quickly, and cause little to no gastrointestinal distress. That's a big ask.

Enter the Skratch Fruit Drop. It's checks all these boxes, comes in two flavors (Orange and Raspberry), and is backed by a ridiculous amount of science.

To read the full white pages on this product click here.

Or if your feeling a bit wild, skip the article and pick up a pouch before your next ride. Like all Skratch products, these have a subtle, not overly sweet taste that our customers appreciate.


For any cyclists, especially the urban commuter, safety lights are a must have. Luckily, in the past few years bike lighting has become less expensive, longer lasting, and just plain better. We've seen a lot of innovative new products hit Kickstarter, and it's ridiculous how much light a modern day LED can produce.

We've just picked up a product we really like. Designed to alert your presence to the world, as well as define a safe passing zone for vehicles. The X-Fire is a standard 5 LED flashing light that also features a laser projected bike lane. It's cool, unique, and really safe, with lasers bright enough to be seen over head and street lights.

Our demo is on a bike upstairs. Come check out the light, and see what we consider to be a great option for any commuter.


The more Seven Cycles we sell, the more we appreciate the brand. That's saying something. From the perfect welds, to the fit driven design, Seven is what other frame builders strive to be.

Their brand is growing. Not because of full page ad buys and a huge marketing budget. Seven is growing through word of mouth. It's an organic, healthy growth that ensures the quality of their product never slips. It was this quality, after all, that initiated the growth.

Our latest stock Seven is this Evergreen S. It turned out beautifully, and our service department outfitted the Ti frame with a full Shimano drive train and brakes. To round out the package, we built up a bombproof wheel set featuring Hed C+ rims and Shimano hubs. Guaranteed to ride well, and be incredibly durable.

Come by the shop to check this bike out, or talk to a staff member about all the models Seven produces. While the Evergreen is made from titanium, Seven Cycles does amazing things with carbon and steel as well.




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