Cielo, the frame manufacturing arm of Chris King, has quietly been turning out some of the best steel frames we've ever seen. Their bikes proves to us that it's still possible to create a performance race bike with soul. And while most competitive riders turn over their bikes every season or two, Cielo is crafting frames that defy the "race bike as a tool" mentality. These are just too pretty.

Our GM has one, and claims it to be one of the best riding bikes he has ever owned. One of our mechanics just ordered one, and has been obsessing about the build. The incomparable Radavist posted a fantastic review on his site, and the Road Racer was voted a top 25 road bike by Men's Journal.


Public bikes, and their attention to detail has always impressed us. We've written articles in the past admiring their unique business model and take on the city bike. Nothing is overlooked, and Public takes the time to add quality touches that other cycling manufacturers don't even consider. With the launch of their new balance bikes for children, Public has displayed the same attention to detail, only in a much smaller package.

Boasting an assortment of colors and two frame styles to choose from, these balance bikes are sure to please even the most discerning four year old. The included color matched bell, adjustable saddle height, inflatable tires and steel frame create a practically perfect parts spec. And somehow, Public has manged to put all of this together for a very reasonable $129.

We have several of these in stock and on the floor right now, and the weather is perfect for exploring. Bring the kiddos to the...

Trek Emonda Project One

The brilliant thing about Trek's Project One, is that it really lets you pick and choose the exact parts spec and paint that you're looking for. This allows you to stay within the framework of Trek bikes, but create something unique.

Our latest Project One is an Emonda, built up with the Aeolus wheels of an SLR 9, but the mechanical Dura-Ace of the SLR 8. It's a simple swap, but one that most cycling companies aren't willing, or even set up to do.

Project One makes customizations like this one easy, maintains the warranty and doesn't cost anything more than the difference in parts or paint. To build up your own custom Trek, visit the Project One page or come see us. We'll be happy to talk you through the options.


The highest quality products, served with the utmost care. The Juan Pelota Cafe is a microcosm of our shop philosophy, distilled down and parceled out hundreds of times each day.

While we always imagined the cafe as a meeting place for cyclists, which it still is, Juan Pelota has slowly evolved into a stand alone destination, serving not only Mellow Johnny's customers, but tourists, locals and downtown workers alike. And while we have the standard coffee bar baked goods, the managers have also been searching out and partnering with some key vendors to provide a myriad of healthier options.


When we were in the process of selecting a new clothing line for our shop, one of our staffers made a pretty accurate observation about Castelli clothing:

"Basically every team at the Driveway is wearing Castelli. Road racers are some of the pickiest, so there has to be a reason that they all choose it."

And yes, Road Racers, you are picky about clothing. And so is Mellow Johnny's. We obsess daily about chamois placement, leg grippers, and t-shirt construction. If you demand the best from your bike, why would you not also demand the best technical clothing to ride that bike?

Castelli has been creating athletic clothing, in one form or another, for over a century. A visit to their website will provide you with a timeline that is impressive not only in duration, but also in innovation. Silk skinsuits for Coppi. The first to use aerodynamic Lycra in the 70's. The first to use sublimation dye and colored Lycra in the 80's.



We've mentioned before that Public Bikes are the best kept secret at the shop, and we still feel that way. Dutch bike inspired designs at very reasonable prices. Most Public Bikes, like the V7 pictured below, come with paint matched fenders and racks. This makes them one of the best, and beautiful, casual bikes around.

The Public V7 pictured below retails for $549, and will include a professional fit, our fantastic customer service, and a lifetime of free brake and derailleur adjustments. For downtown Austinites, this is the bike. A seven speed townie with a comfortable riding position and quality accents, not found on other bikes in this price range. Swing by the shop to see our large selection of colors and styles.


Eddie Martinez is one of our most outspoken team members. Full of good-natured bravado, and exceptionally positive, Eddie is an expert in customer service. With years of bike shop experience and an interest in bio-mechanics, he is also one of our best bike fitters. To learn more about Eddie, D.A.S., and his passion for cycling, read his employee profile below. (Ask him what "D.A.S." means)

1. You've been in the industry for a few years now. Can you give us a brief snaphot of your work history?

I started my retail career at Runtex, a specialty running shoe store. I worked there for 8 years in roles from sales to manager. I became proficient in running shoes, running related injures and the bio-mechanics of running. I have been in the bike industry for about 5 years. At my former shop, I started in sales, then learned the skill of fitting, which has become a specialty of mine. I was also sales floor manager, buyer of soft goods and bikes, as well as scheduling for the staff.

2. What drew you to cycling?

I have always ridden a bike as a kid,...


Get outside and go ride. Pack some things and turn down that gravel road between here and Lockhart. Or head out to Ft. Davis and spend a couple days camping in the mountains. Re-read your favorite book and find someplace without cell-phone coverage. Ride without training for a race, or trying to win a KOM on Strava.

These are all things that the Trek 920 inspires.

We love this bike. Not because it's the lightest, sexiest, or most expensive. We love it because it makes us want to ride. And that may be the best review we can give.

The 920 is essentially a touring bike chassis, set upon a mountain bike engine, with time trial bits thrown in for good measure. That's pretty confusing, but trust us, the sum is certainly greater than the parts.

The mountain bike drivetrain on the 920 provides the greatest possible gear range for riding while under load, and the larger 29" wheels allow you a plethora of tire options. With the increased tire size and air volume, the 920 provides an extremely smooth ride. On top of all this is a brilliantly overbuilt aluminum...


When it comes to professional cyclists, my knowledge is paradoxical. The more I ride. The more I learn about them. The less I understand.

This month’s cycling hero started as an homage to Milan-San Remo, the first and longest of the true spring classics. The 2015 edition will occur on the 22nd of March and cover an astonishing 181 miles in just under seven hours. It’s an incomprehensible thing. The start to a classics campaign unflinching in its brutality.

Google Milan-San Remo. Find the list of past winners and scroll down. Not surprisingly, Merckx holds the records for the most wins. Poulidor is there. Van Looy, Coppi, Sean Kelly, Zabel, and so many other giants of the sport. One of the most intriguing is a one time winner from Brittany, who was perhaps more famous for grand tours than classics, Louison Bobet.

Louison was the first to win the Tour de France three years in succession (1953 – 1955), and this will always be considered his greatest cycling achievement. But Bobet was also something of a rouleur, able to win several one day races and classics....


Strip away the excess. Pare things down to their most basic and beauty will follow. Not as an intention, but as a result.

This Blackburn multi-tool is a representative of that principle. It has a 3, 4, 5, and 6mm hex, flat head screwdriver and 15mm wrench built into the one piece aluminum body. Exactly the right amount of tool for 90% of riders.

On most bikes, the Toolminator will allow you to do the following:

  • Adjust your saddle height and saddle angle.
  • Tighten a water bottle cage that has come loose.
  • Adjust the limits on your derailleur to fix a chain that keeps dropping.
  • Rotate your handlebars or flip your stem for a more comfortable ride.
  • Take the wheel off of your track bike to change a flat.
  • Adjust your caliper or cantilever brakes and brake pads for sure stopping.
  • Adjust disc brake position as well as brake and shift lever position.
  • Loosen dropouts to tighten the chain on a single speed bike.
  • Other things that I haven't thought of.

Simple. Uncomplicated. Lightweight, and...




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