Seven Cycles is a Massachusetts based manufacturer of beautiful bikes. Incredibly professional and fit driven, this is a company creating lifetime bikes for lifetime riders. Our latest custom build is a Seven Cycles Sola SL 27.5.

The welds and etching work that Seven has done here is stunning, and the parts spec is really, really nice. Shimano XTR, Enve bits, Mavic wheels and an SLR saddle. This is a mountain bike that we know will perform for years to come.

Custom builds are one of our favorite things, and with our in house fit and training center we are uniquely positioned to create your dream bike.


Cross Country Mountain Bikes are awesome things. Like rally cars, these are off-road vehicles designed for pure speed. Sure, you sacrifice a bit of suspension travel, but cross country mountain biking isn’t about dropping off 6 foot ledges. It’s about choosing the best line through a rock garden and being able to pin it through flowy singletrack. While much of the old guard scoffs at riding a full suspension cross country bike, the fact is that suspension technology has advanced greatly. The slight weight penalty (and we mean very slight) is offset by more confident riding and the ability to shave seconds off each and every technical section.

The Trek Superfly FS has been at the forefront of cross country mountain biking for some time now, and this new line up of 2015 bikes is pretty stellar. Trek keeps pushing the envelope, and their mountain bikes really are ahead of the curve. It’s a racing pedigree built upon professional riders at a world class level. This is why bike companies sponsor cycling teams. A pro rider’s feedback is invaluable when designing something as...


We’re blessed with an almost unprecedented amount of urban green space here in Austin. You can roll out from MJ’s, in the heart of downtown, and hop directly onto the Lady Bird Lake Trail, immediately immersing you in green, water, and vistas. A quick ride over to the Barton Springs Greenbelt, and a few miles of trail later, a commuter can pop out near home in South Austin. It's amazing trail riding in the middle of the city. You can commute by mountain bike and reach the core of our busy town without encountering stoplights, traffic, or cars.

The challenge is, the Greenbelt is open to everyone, and as the weather warms, the trail gets crowded. With cyclists. Hikers. Runners. Dogs. Earbud escapists. Daydreamers. Everybody. With people in varying degrees of skill and environmental awareness, a bell is an under-appreciated and non-threatening tool to keep you and the rest of the world safe and social.

Calling out, “On your left!” is effective, but often disconcerting and many times taken as hostile and "yelly." We want to be good bike advocates, so let's rely on a...


It's 70 degrees and sunny outside. The Green Belt has just the right amount of water. SXSW is around the corner, and the Austin outdoor festival schedule is starting to stretch its legs. While we haven't quite beaten back winter, we're pretty darn close to the magical days of early spring riding.

If any of the above inspires you to get on your bike, it may be time to do a bit of preventative maintenance. Over long periods of disuse, lube disappears, tires rot and hundred of little things can affect the mechanical quality of your bicycle.

Through the rest of February, we're offering 20% off all of our Tune-Up packages. Bring in or mention the coupon below to get your savings, and take advantage of one of the fastest, friendliest and most thorough service departments around. Of course turnaround can be delayed if we need to order in some parts for you, but if not we'll have your bike back within 24 hours. For commuters who need their bike every day, ask about our same day service options.

Tune-up packages start at $50, and we always like to chat with you to...


We've got great pricing on these 2014 closeouts. Swing by or call us at the shop for available sizes, as these are sure to go fast!


We're pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 2015 Mellow Johnny's Classic! This iconic race, held at Flat Creek Crossing Ranch, is one of the highlights of our year. Other than a couple pre-ride dates, this gorgeous private property is generally closed to cyclists. For local riders, this will be an opportunity to explore a world class trail system. Out of towners, here is your excuse for a weekend trip to Austin.

The 2015 Mellow Classic will be the second of the eight race...


A home repair stand is a great addition to any garage or bike room. Not only does it provide a secure platform for mechanical work, a bike stand also makes your everyday biking life that much nicer. Changing tires, adjusting derailleurs and lubing your chain is no longer an exercise in frustration.

No more tire marks on the wall.

No more knuckle bashing or awkward positions.

We like both the durability and simplicity of the Feedback Sports Classic Work Stand. The lightweight aluminum construction supports up to 85 lbs, and folds for storage. In addition, the adjustable height is easily controlled through a series of quick release cams. This is a product we keep in stock and a great gift for someone who works on their own bikes, or is an avid rider.


We are daily witness to the damage that bad saddles, chamois’, shoes and gloves can cause. There is an entire industry comprised of anti-friction creams. There are companies that only manufacture insoles for cyclists. In fact, it’s pretty easy to tumble down the rabbit of niche cycling related products designed solely to make you comfortable when riding. Contact points are something cyclists obsess over.

This obsession is evident when looking at cycling shoe manufacturers and their challenge to create a lightweight, well-fitting and aesthetically pleasing design. The behind the scenes work that goes into this process is incredible. Each company tries to create their own fit philosophy and brand identity, while appealing to the largest possible market. It’s a tough nut to crack.

We’ve just received a shipment of Bontrager’s newest high end road shoe, the XXX Road, and think that these guys have come pretty close.

Trek 520

A proper touring bike is a beast of burden. It’s not the fastest, generally not the fanciest, but it knows how to work. Touring bikes are designed to carry large loads over long distances. Everything from gear selection, frame geometry, wheel construction, and frame material is built with the single purpose of schlepping you and your gear. We’ve recently received Trek’s touring specific 520 Disc and love the well thought out design. Listed below are a few key features that distinguish the 520 from a standard road bike that you add racks to.

1. Frame material

The 520 boasts a butted chromoly steel frame. While not as light as a full carbon rocket ship, the steel frame is much more durable, provides a great ride quality and is capable of supporting loads far better than any other frame material. Steel is the material of choice for these bikes, no matter what your budget.


With classics season looming and Cross World Championships this weekend, we thought we’d talk a bit about one of the baddest, most charming, most talented, best looking dudes to ever ride a bike.

Roger de Vlaeminck

“The Gypsy”

“Mr. Paris-Roubaix”

This is a Belgian who was only interested in soccer, right up until the time that his older brother, Erik, became a pro rider. Whether it was his competitive spirit, or something entirely else, Roger immediately picked up his bike and said, “Yeah, that sounds good. I think I’ll be a professional cyclist too.”

During his first amateur road racing season in 1965, Roger only managed to win one race.

“He’s no Erik,” the neighbors would comment.

During his second season, he won 25 times.

“Look at him go,” the neighbors now cooed.

De Vlaeminck continued to chase his brother, riding cyclocross in the winter and road in the summer. In 1968 he won the World Amateur Cyclocross championships in Luxembourg, the very same week that his brother became the World Professional Cyclocross...




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