Summer Bike Sale

It's time for our SUMMER BIKE SALE. Great deals start Wednesday, August 26 and run through Monday, August 31.

And for those of you out of town, use the code "Summer20" to save 20% on all items on our online store.

  • Bikes at least 10% off
  • Buy a bike and get a Gift Card for Bontrager Accessories
  • Spend $399.99-$999.99 on a bike, get a $50 Gift Card
  • Spend $1000-$1999.99 on a bike, get a $100 Gift Card
  • Spend $2000 and up, get a $200 gift card
  • 15% off all accessories with a bike purchase
  • Mellow Johnny’s Apparel at least 20% off
  • Women’s apparel 40% off
  • Up to 40% off all parts
  • Commuter & Back to School gear 20% off - plus free installation
  • 10% off service
  • All baskets 15% off (free...

On Friday, September 11th, Mellow Johnny's is teaming up with the great folks at Blackburn to host an exclusive viewing of "Comes with Baggage." It's a fun, short film about the history of bicycle travel in the Americas. It features historic and modern day footage as well as interviews with bike pioneers, historians and riders. According to the filmmakers, this film will "make you want to sell your possessions, quit your job and escape on a bike." We've had a sneak peak and can say it's absolutely true.

Here's how the evening works. We'll have a meet & greet starting at 6pm. Enjoy some refreshments and talk about your past, current and next bike adventures. Then, we'll screen the film at 7pm in Juan Pelota Cafe. So, come ready to meet new people and let's share in an evening of celebrating bike culture and exploration.

Event Details:

  • Date: Friday, September 11th, 2015
  • Time: 6pm - Meet & Greet | 7pm - Screening
  • Place: Juan Pelota Cafe (inside Mellow Johnny's)
  • Extra:...

La Vuelta a España begins this Saturday and runs through September 13th. This Grand Tour is slated to be quite exciting, featuring many of the same riders who raced this year's Tour de France. We will be streaming all 21 stages here at Juan Pelota Cafe and welcome you and friends to watch and cheer on your favorite riders.


OK, it just got really hot. Heat brings a whole new challenge to riding, where your simple goal of training can turn into damaging nightmare if you aren't properly nourished and hydrated. Eddie Martinez, our Floor Manager and Bike Buyer, gives us his educated take on the subject.

Hydration: Before, during, and after.

First, we must stress that everyone is different, and your fluid and nutrition requirements may be much different than your mates. So, you need to pay attention to what works for you.

In the hot months, keep your bottle of water with you on or off the bike. Water is never bad. Start sipping water 4 hours before your ride, and continue at that sipping pace through the day. Don't chug it all at once. Let your body absorb it completely over time. In hot weather, blood is headed away from the gut toward the skin and muscles in order to keep you cool. With less blood flow in the digestive system, the body can't process water fast enough and you end up just peeing it out.

During my rides, I drink about 16 ounces per hour. This...


School's back, and you need your bike ready to transport. Take 20% off clothing and accessories, including commuter bags, lights, locks, helmets and essential stuff for safe and efficient travel. Offer ends August 31.

Just present a valid student or staff I.D.

We have great items from Chrome, Boreas, Poler Ware, Cateye, Kryptonite, and more.*

And, if you're looking for a new bike, we also have a number of bikes perfect for commuting - like the Trek FX 7 series and many other currently on closeout. With any bike purchase you get 15% off accessories.

* This deal is only available on accessories in-store and cannot be combined with other offers.


We are making room for 2016 models! As such, we have a ton of great bikes on closeout. Hurry in today to check out the great deals we're offering on the following bikes:

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

  • Superfly FS 100 - Regular Price: $2399 | Closeout Price: $2185 | Sizes: 17.5 (2), 21, 23
  • Fuel EX 8 (Black) - Regular Price: $2899 | Closeout Price: $2699 | Sizes: 17.5
  • Fuel EX 5 (Green) - Regular Price: $1979 | Closeout Price: $1805 | Sizes: 15.5 (2), 21
  • Fuel EX 5 (Black) - Regular Price: $1979 | Closeout Price: $1599 | Sizes: 18.5

Hardtail Mountain Bikes

  • Superfly 9.8 - Regular Price: $4849 | Closeout Price: $4655 | Sizes: 17.5
  • Superfly 9.6 - Regular Price: $2389 | Closeout Price: $2185 | Sizes: 15.5, 17.5, 19.5
  • Superfly 7 - Regular Price: $2029 | Closeout Price: $1799 | Sizes: 18.5
  • X-Cal 6 - Regular Price: $749 | Closeout Price: $649 | Sizes: 19.5


Trek-Madone 2016

Trek has announced new additions to its stellar lineup, and the hero is the Madone 9.2. It's a bike that does the impossible: combines aerodynamics, stiffness, and comfort in one, really fast bike.

We have a couple of the new Madone bikes here in store. We are taking pre-orders on the Madone. Stop in and take it for a test ride learn more about this amazing bike.


The Mellow Johnny’s community is nothing short of amazing, and we are grateful to have such a far-reaching network of folks so passionate about our brand. From Minneapolis to Moscow, San Francisco to Sydney – each and every day we ship Mellow Johnny's gear to riders all over the globe, and they love to share their photos and experiences wearing their MJ's gear.

Snap Yourself and Win.

Snap photos of yourself and your friends while you’re wearing some MJ’s gear, and send them to us. Maybe it’s a top of a tough climb, an amazing overlook, on the beach, in the middle of the city - wherever. We’ll share them on our social media feeds and let the MJ community have a peek into this amazing global network. Each week, we'll send a $25 gift card to the owner of the photo that receives the most likes, views, shares or comments.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Gather up your MJ’s gear - a kit, a t-shirt, a hat - even a water bottle.

  2. Get out and enjoy a bike ride.

  3. Snap a photo of you or your pals in the...


It's time for the MJ's Cycling Club Membership Drive. Current members, renew yourselves, and welcome new members! You'll get a great jersey, shop discounts, sneak previews, rides, special events, and more. Learn more.


Does your lower back hurt after a long ride? Do your hands feel like they’re falling asleep mid-ride? Do your hips or hamstrings feel tight or is there discomfort in your feet? All of these issues likely point to an improper fit on your bike. Aside from the general discomfort you may feel while riding, there are real consequences to not being set up right: an overall decrease in performance, unnecessary wear and tear on your bike and gear, and, in many instances, the potential for injury.

Here at Mellow Johnny’s, we want to be make sure that you love riding your bike - not only because you have the best bike for your riding style, but also because you have the best fit possible. To that end, we offer two services that will help you dial in your position and ensure that you have the best possible fit for the riding you do.

Standard Fit: When you buy a bike from Mellow Johnny’s, we provide the standard fit at no additional cost. However, we also make this fitting session available to any rider who is looking to achieve the optimal riding position. In...




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